BBC - Referendum


The Alhambra Theater Studio, Bradford


Our brief was to supply three HD large format projectors and screens to display referendum graphical content suitable for live TV along with 3G-SDI signal distribution and control.

Project Specifications

We were commissioned by the production team at Agility to help produce a high quality backdrop for the live BBC referendum debate with Harry Gration. Our team recommended our Christie D12WU-H 1DLP projectors with suitable lenses to fit within the tight working space. Our equipment had to be rigged in a way so not to be seen by the cameras while filming.  Along with the projectors Firefly also supplied three high-end FastFold screens, Unicol rigging and BlackMagic 3G-SDI signal distribution. We worked with the onsite set-builder to install the screens with the minimum fuss and then setup the power distro and signal network.  The results were a stunning flicker-less high definition backdrop which bought a stunning professional look to a highly charged debate.