Virtual and Hybrid Events


Leeds, Manchester, York and Preston.


Firefly has used its wealth of experience working in the esports industry to develop fully virtual conferences and events for a wide range of customers along with purpose-built streaming studios for our venue partners and custom-designed studios for some of our clients.

Project Specifications

We can offer fully virtual events via Teams, Zoom, and our partner platform Airmeet while also working with the large array of custom platforms that are now on the market. As well as fully virtual events, we offer both hybrid broadcast studios and hybrid conferences.

Virtual Meetings and Conferences

We've proven we can work with nearly all the leading virtual event platforms, but our main expertise is in Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings and events and our partner platform, Airmeet. Virtual events are an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location.

Virtual events are typically multi-session online events that often feature webinars and webcasts. They are highly interactive, often aiming to create as similar an experience as possible to their physical counterparts.

Hybrid Broadcast Studio

The hybrid broadcast studio has proven to be a great hit with our venue partners and our current clients; this is because, unlike a virtual event, the main host and speakers and the senior events team will meet and broadcast from a covid safe broadcast studio. This format is great for collaborating with the events team to make the content and the entire event more engaging. Being onsite means the host and speakers can adapt and create an event that can adjust in real-time to the requirements and questions from those attending virtually.

Also, with the hybrid broadcast studio, you have full technical support from our professional onsite team and the latest production equipment in a perfectly lit studio environment. No more grainy camera images, presentations that won't play, or muted speakers. Also, with dedicated event broadband, you'll get a constant high-quality feed for your attendees.

Hybrid Meetings and Conferences

With a hybrid meeting or conference, you get all the benefits of a hybrid broadcast studio with the added benefit of a live audience. As we take the steps back to full in-person events, hybrid meetings will allow those that feel confident in attending an event to do so while at the same time making it possible for others to attend virtually. In one way or another, hybrid events will be here to stay. If not to assist with social distancing, they will also help companies reduce their environmental impact and increase their reach.

If any of the above interest you, please feel free to contact the team and let us assist you.