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Novastar VX6S

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Novastar VX6S


First release

The VX6s is an all-in-one controller that integrates sending card functions with video processing. Designed with powerful video processing capability, it supports 7 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs.

Based on the powerful FPGA processing platform, the VX6s supports multiple transition effects, such as quick seamless switching and fade, providing flexible display controlling and outstanding video presentations.


? 7x inputs

  • −  2x 3G-SDI

  • −  2x HDMI 1.3

  • −  1x DVI

  • −  1x DVI (IN+LOOP)

  • −  1x USB

    ? 2x types of output connectors

  • −  6x Gigabit Ethernet ports

    Video output capacity up to 3,900,000 pixels, with the width or height up to 4096 pixels

  • −  1x DVI for monitoring
    Support PVW or PGM monitoring,

    and the monitoring resolution is adjustable.

    ? 3x windows

  • −  Adjustable window position and size

  • −  Z-order sorting

  • −  3 scaling modes for window output:

Pixel to pixel

Full screen


Front Panel

  1. 1  ON/OFF button

  2. 2  OLED screen

  3. 3  Knob

  4. 4  ESC button

Power button
Displays the current status and setting menu of the device.

? Rotate the knob to scroll through the menu items, or adjust a parameter value. ? Press the knob to confirm the selection or settings.

Pressing the button exits the current menu or operation.

2x screen configuration methods

  • −  Quick screen configuration

  • −  Advanced screen configuration

    2x system modes

    • −  Direct mode

      Support display content monitoring.

    • −  Switcher mode

      Switch the PVW to PGM by pressing only the TAKE button.

      Screen brightness adjustment
      Multiple VX6s units linked to load a screen

      16x user presets saved as templates and conveniently recalled by pressing the number buttons on the front panel

      Lock to the HDMI, SDI or DVI input source to achieve vertical synchronization between outputs of multiple VX6s units.


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Day Rate: £120
Weekly Rate: £240

Product Specification

Video output capacity up to 3,900,000 pixels
6x Gigabit Ethernet ports
7 inputs Including 2 x 3G-SDI, 2 x HDMI 1.3, 1 x DVI, 1 x DVI (In+Loop) 1 x USB
Flexible layout of 3 layers
USB playback can be intuitively controlled in real time by connecting a mouse and monitor

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